Federica Bonfanti


Designer by day
Illustrator by night


How do you change the perception of a 100 years old American icon?
What if robots take our jobs? How can you break the box office?

I love problems

Every Designer does. Because what’s design if not solving a problem?


I have 10+ years of experience in art direction, visual and UI design.
Born with crayons in my hand, illustration is my superpower.
I worked with some awesome clients such as Greyhound, Universal Pictures and Nespresso.

CSS Design Awards Judge.

I published as an illustrator for Gestalten and Octopusbooks.

Born in Italy, I lived in Milano, London and now I call Barcelona home.


My side project

Personal projects are what keeps a creative person curious.
I’ve always been an illustrator on the side, mostly vector art, but last year I started
working on a HipHop children book project called Rap&Rhyme.